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Houdini Painting Flow

I was inspired by David Ferreira work that was featured on Houdini Hive 2020, so I thought of utilizing the flow field I created earlier this month by mixing two methods the gradient and the curve guided fields but in a simpler way. And surprisingly it ended up well, I tried a couple of paintings and as you can see it doesn't work with detailed ones, it's best used with paintings that has brush strokes. I tried to name most of the nodes so it's easy to work with:

- Make sure the grid you are using matches the painting in dimensions.

- Dive into "Painting_input" and plug your painting inside.

- Draw some curves here and there to match the mainstream lines in the painting replacing the already existing ones, you can specify curves influence range.

- If you don't specify any driving curves it will automatically generate the vel field based on the painting highlights and shadows.

- The default pop parameters and strokes should be fine unless you want a different style and speed.

- Materials are already there for you with Alpha and colors derived from point attributes (Redshift).

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