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3D Models Market

Welcome to my mini market, here you are going to find some quality and built with precision 3d models.

Most of them share the same features like:


-File Format: max (2013) , OBJ, FBX
-Program: 3ds max
-Material: vray
-Maps: included 
-Render: Vray
-Lighting: is provided


Buy now and start using those Quality models in your project.

Tables collection:

A simple yet fascinating mix pieces of Moroccan and arabesque tables. Though this style is not bound to Morocco it also can be referred to as Turkish, Syrian or Egyptian and it comes in different names like Mother of Pearls. You can use those models for high quality render besides games.

A set of architectural elements modeled with precision that definitely you will find useful in your scene.

Photoscan models:

A highly detailed photoscaned models generated out of an over well taken 60 pictures, It can be used in industrial, educational scenes or even for games (but the polygon density should brought down)

Character Models:

This Collection is going to hold HD + low poly game ready 3d character models.

Product design Models:

Industrial and real life replica models.

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