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Maxscript Tutorials

A quick tutorial on how to use the camera map script I wrote to automate the process of creating textures for an abjects to fit seamlessly in a live action shot using a couple of back plate frames and merge them together using composite map and masking.


Script Page

I show in this tutorial the difference between print and format commands when trying to write to an external file.

My friend asked me how to read and external text file using maxscript. He wanted to create a tool that grab system directory paths from an external predefined text file.

Check inside for the full tutorial....

Have ever wished for maxscript to have short cuts, So instead of writing a whole code like for do else ... or function you just have to type fordo for example or FN and then press a Ctrl + Shift + A and it will throw you a full code that you pre defined, it's like magic and saves a lot of time.

In this small tutorial we are gonna discuss how to do this using maxscript hidden technique (Abbreviations) more...

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