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Camera map script 1.0:

Camera map is a 3ds max script that will automate the process of creating multiple camera map modifiers with the corresponding backplate pictures along side with masks across the animation range of the match moving camera, to create a seamless texture for the object to blend seamlessly with the live action back plate.


Direct Download

ScriptSpot Page

How it works:

-Select the object you want to apply the texture to.

-Select your match moving camera.

-Specify how many cameras you wanna create or the exact frames at witch the camera will be created.

-Specify a backplate file.

-Specify a mask map folder.

-Set the desired mask map resolution and ID.



Be aware:

- Backplate numbers should match frames number eg: frame 1 => backplate 001.

- The tool time range when executed should be inside the range of backplate.

- When writing frame numbers in the frames field place them in an ascending order.

- Make sure your back plate name doesn't include numbers it should be in this format (Filename &##),(Filename###) or (Filename _####) the tool support until four digits numbering.

- Pay attention to the ID Channel, the number you enter in the ID field will be preserved for the mask, and every thing above will be over written.

-Your mesh should have enough tessellation elsewhere you will end up with some distortions when rendering your object.

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