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Thinking Particles Tutorials

In this page I will be sharing with you my journey learning TP, whenever I learn something new the best way to master it is to teach others and spread the knowledge.

Abstract Boxes:

Thanx first goes to Lee Griggs for his art work and also for Particle skull for their great tutorial on how to achieve this result using Particle flow:


In this tutorial I will show you how to get the same result using Thinking Particles through different techniques.

This is my first tutorial so be patient though I'm gonna face some obstacles during recording ;)


3ds Max file (2013): File

TP road demolition tool:

In this video I'm sharing with you guys the TP tool I used to demolish my road, I will explain all of its aspects the process, the interface and the build of it.


Example scene: download

The tool alone: download


Note: I added an extra parameter under Debris panel (Size threshold) it determine the smallest size among the frags that will emit debris.

TP6 Flow Operators (Fish School):

A small tutorial showing how to use the newly introduced TP6 flow operators to create crowd simulation and how to make them avoid obstacles and predators. You can download a trial version of TP6 at cebas website and follow along with me, you need to register first.

3ds max file 2013 (start scene):  Download

Previous results:



I had so much fun developing this tool. It's simple and powerful especially if you combined it with the flow operator in TP6. I cant wait to share the tutorial with you, please check it out.

Based on velosity sculpting by Hristo Velev.

When beauty meets technicality.

A Vogel phyllotaxy formula application, built totally using Cebas TP. 

Morpher with four targets was used to animate the petals with bias starting from the center all the way to the outer edge.

Rendered with Vray in 3ds max, rendering took almost 3 hours (caustics, translucency, DOF and alot of samples).

In this tutorial I'll be talking about three ways of activating particles and moving them back to a certain surface in a systematic way (not randomly): activation by color,distance,and teleportaion.

Check it out

Having the ability to build effects based on the outlines of a shape is very important in VFX and motion graphics, so I made this easy to follow setup to detect image edges and create particles on top. You can control the width, threshold and the samples.

For more check inside....

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