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3ds Max Creation Graph tools:

MCG a visual programing language that was introduced with the launch of 3ds max 2016, it opened a whole new range of possibilities. And in this page I share my contribution to the community plz feel free to use and dont forget to mention me ;)

The VA prefix stands for VfxArabia :)

Alaa Alnahlawi

Brick Wall Builder is a scripted plugin created using 3ds max MCG and as the name tells it creates a various shapes of brick walls with huge amount of flexibility.



Download 1.3

ScriptSpot page

VA Mesh Conform:

Well mesh conform is not something new to 3dsmax but what if it was much more faster and responsive compared to the legacy one with straightforward parameters and options to tweak, for more check the full tool description on scriptspot.


Download 1.0

ScriptSpot page

VA Clone on a curve:

An extended version of the (AClone on curve) modifier that ships with 3ds max, this one adds the ability to read multiple curves per shape and distribute the clones based on the size of the mesh.

Update 1.1:

The new update brings the ability to control the number of clones incrementally, an if you edited the first point in your shape you can control were the clones start to appear of finish.


VA Extrude Plus:

Just a humble contribution on my journey to master MCG, I really sweated trying to find my way around MCG :p, sorry the setup is a bit messed up.

This tool as the name tells allows you to extrude any shape with some added capabilities over the normal extrude modifier.



ScriptSpot page

Youtube Tutorial

VA Filter Array by another Boolean array:

If you have two arrays with the same amount of items and one of them contains boolean values, you can filter the second array using those boolean values by using this compound.



ScriptSpot page

VA Check if a mesh is inside any other meshes:

Gives true if the tested mesh is in contact with at least one of the meshes in the array.



ScriptSpot page


A very simple and handy modifier that will turn you high dense mesh into a bounding box, which will save your life if you are dealing with thousands of clones like what happened with me when I was designing my MCG tool (Brick wall builder). So what you have to do is just apply this modifier and activate it only in the viewport but in render time it's gonna use the original mesh ;)



Now the modifier has the ability of working on subobject level so it will convert each element into a bounding box.



ScriptSpot page

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