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TP Sand Solver

Based On Eloi Andaluz Thinking particles sand setup, I cached 1m TP particles then used a PRT loader and multiplied the count a couple of times. The Texture coordinates were exported from TP using a TextureCoord channel. Caching and rendering were done in about two hours or so. To put it in steps:

- Cache the low res TP (around 20,000 particles) that will guide the high res particles. - Cache the High res TP (that will bring the particles count to 1,000,000 or higher). - Export the particles to prt using Krakatoa. - Load it using PRT Loader. - Add a Krakatoa Magma Modifier and jitter the position and velocity. - Create six random partitions 1m particle each. - load all the partitions and render.....

For more check Eloi's tool webpage:

Regards Alaa Al Nahlawi

#TP #sand #thinkingparticles #krakatoa #3dsmax

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