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Houdini Pyro Explosion

This final look went through alot of refinement around 10 versions with alot of tweaks over a span of a week on my way mastering Houdini pyro. It was simmed in Houdini and rendered in 3ds max using vray volume grid.

Technical info: -Core explosion: (450,450,450) 91 million voxels -Smoke shockwave: (600,100,600) 36 million voxels -64GB of vdb -Render time (FHD): 30 min per frame on dual 2683v3 -Sim time: 1h with Opencl activated (GTX 1080)

Kindest Regards Alaa Al Nahlawi

#Houdini #pyro #explosions #volume #VDB #vray #3dsmax

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