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TP Magnetic Field

I came across Alessandro Pepe magnetic field Houdini tutorial, and I thought why not doing it in Thinking Particles. each one of the particles in the field will be affected by this velocity vector, it is as simple as: Velocity=v1+v2 where v1= unit(Prt.v - Neg.v) * (1/dn) v2= unit(Pos.v - Prt.v) * (1/dp)

Neg.v: the position of the negative pole Pos.v: the position of the positive pole Prt.v: the position of the particle dn: distance from the particle to the Negative pole dp: distance from the particle to the Positive pole

Render was done using Krakatoa Particles count: 23M Memory needed: 14GB of Ram Density and color were driven by velocity.

Regards Alaa Al Nahlawi

#tp #tool #MagneticField #3dsmax

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