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MogaFrag is a demolition mograph thinking particles tool originally inspired by Eloi Radius Effector.

It's capable of Building or demolitioning using object faces, Volume break it or it might be prefraged.

-The position options are: Random, based on face normals or Activator position.

-Alignment: Random or towards Activator

-Scale can be animated with customized curve.

Before fragmenting and object make sure the mesh ID is one and the UVW is proper in case you want to use the map option.

Bare in mind that VB option is some how limited, I faced some issue with uvw and activating the frags but in general it will work okay.

If you faced any problems or errors plz notify me I will be glad to hear from you, or if you have any idea that I can implement.

The original teaser:

3ds max 2015 TP6 :

TP6 BlackBox :


Alaa Alnahlawi

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