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Massive for Max

The famous production proven quality of Massive will finally be available for 3DS Max users. "We know that 3DS Max users like to work within the Max environment so we are giving them what they've been asking for: a complete Massive plugin for 3DS Max." revealed CEO Stephen Regelous. "Some may recall an earlier announcement for upcoming 3DS Max support, and while the project was temporarily shelved we are now moving ahead with Massive for Max". The new plugin allows Max users to easily and conveniently create, simulate and render scenes of many thousands of characters and see the Massive agents in the scene just like any other 3DS Max objects. V-Ray rendering is fully integrated, and all the user has to do is click the render button to see the Massive agents rendered along with the other objects in the scene. The plugin is expected to be released along with Massive 8.0.

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