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Houdini Benchmark Cores vs Clockspeed (updated)

Something that's gonna face every artist building a new rig, which is better a fast cpu or more cores. Well let's find out, I'll focus more on simulation tasks (Pyro,Grain,ocean).

This chart is going to be up to date, so I'll really appreciate it if you ran the tests as well and shared your results, I'll list them asap with your name ;)

You can download the three test files here.

One small favor to ask from you, if you like what you find here and wanna me keep going please do consider supporting me on Patreon, and it wont be for free since you will be rewarded with access to alot of setup and tools I create, and the library is growing larger ;)

Back to the tests and all you have to do is:

  • Open the Hip file.

  • Dial in the resolution numbers as in the chart.

  • Go the performance monitor tab and hit record.

  • Hit go to the last frame.

  • Wait until the simulation is finished and grab the result from the performance monitor.

  • Convert it to seconds please.

  • Done.

  • Note: Opencl is off in the files so leave it as is.

Tested CPUs :

  • Threadripper 7970x, 7980X.

  • i7 6800K .

  • i9 7900x (Dorin Croitoru).

  • i9 7940x .

  • i9 7980xe (Fabian Buckreus).

  • TR 1950x (Siavash).

  • TR 2990wx (Peter Sanitra).

  • 2x (Gold 6136 , e5-2630 , e5-2620 v3) Martijn Grootendorst.

  • 2x (e5 2630 v4 , e5 2699v3) by Dominik.

  • (i7-4771 , TR 1900x) by Muhaylo Shchurba.

  • TR 2950x (Matti Orgelmann).

  • Ryzen 9 3900X (Slava Sych).

  • Ryzen 9 3900X Linux (Martin Brattensborg).

  • TR 3970X / i7-6950x (Jim Huenergardt).

  • TR 3970X Linux (Ryan Leasher).

  • TR 3960X (David Riesenberg).

  • i9 10980XE (Slava Sych).

  • Ryzen 9 3950X (Alexander Karelin).

  • TR 3990X (Nawras Ryhan / Felix Antoine Ludvig Hedberg).

  • Ryzen 9 5950X Linux (Mika Ihatsu).

  • intel i9 13900KS, 14900KS



Alaa Alnahlawi

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José Molfino
José Molfino
Apr 10

Intel i9 13900KS

ASUS z790 ProArt Wifi

Deepcool LT720 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler

192Gb RAM

BIOS: Stock Settings - Enforce All Limits - PowerLimits 320w

Windows 11 - Houdini 20

Grain: 3m07s

Pyro: 7m08s

Ocean 0.05: 20m42s

Ocean 0.05 ("Use Multigrid Preconditioner" ON in the solver): 15m16s

José Molfino
José Molfino
Apr 10
Replying to

Nah, +30 secs. I think both CPUs are pretty similar in performance. I had to undervolt to -0.05 though...


Info Vu Bao
Info Vu Bao
Apr 07

06 April 2024

Intel 14900KS

Ram DDR5 128Gb


(No OC, everything box default from mobo to CPU. Turn out, box default is not good, the mobo brand will OC more power consumption than normal CPU, cause crashes for this 14th gen)

I can fully make the system run without any problem, final result:

Pyro 7.45 minutes

Grain 3 minutes

Flip 20minutes

Result for -> Disable Hyper Threading

Flip 20m 04

Grain 3m 09.6

Pyro crashes (about 6m on 300/400 frames before crashes)

Result for -> Disable Hyper Threading, Disable Efficient-core (all)

Flip 30m55s

Grain 5.73635 minutes

Pyro 16m13

Here's how I set up the motherboard: even the 'stock setting' actually means the motherboard is overclocking beyond the chip's factory…

Info Vu Bao
Info Vu Bao
Apr 11
Replying to

Absolutely, you've got it spot on. A high-end CPU alone could triple the cost of the entire current setup, not to mention it would guzzle more power – that's an expense coming straight from the artist's wallet. Initially, there were hiccups like freezing and crashes, but turns out it was due to the motherboard's settings trying to overclock the CPU beyond what Intel suggests. Using the stock settings means you're already pushing the CPU, which can lead to instability. And you know, if we were using Linux, I'm pretty sure it'd be zipping along faster than on Windows. (I'll update the original post with the motherboard switch for anyone who might find that info useful – hope it helps!)


Valentious Williams
Valentious Williams
Mar 28

Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-Core

Ram 96GB

Grain 3:50mins

Alaa Alnahlawi
Alaa Alnahlawi
Mar 29
Replying to

My numbers where abit faster, I have 6000mhz ram expo enabled, PBO enabled to give a 200Mhz boost, nothing crazy since I'm on an air cooled system, all of the cores were running on 4.6Ghz


Florian GUIB
Florian GUIB
Mar 20

Macbook pro M3 Max 16 inch

48GB ram

40 gpu core

16 cpu core

OSX 14.4

Grain 0.01 = 3min 38sc

Grain 0.02 = 26.36sc

Flip 0.15 = 50.93sc

Pyro 0.02 = 11min 10sc

Florian GUIB
Florian GUIB
Mar 29
Replying to

a little laptop on 60w as well :). totally usable for offline work.


Mar 10

H20 Linux (Pop OS)

AMD Threadripper 7980x 64-core

Nvidia RTX 4090

256GB DDR5

Pyro .02 — 3min 26sec

Grain .01 — 2min 27sec

Flip (Ocean) .05 — 16min 17sec

Alaa Alnahlawi
Alaa Alnahlawi
Mar 29
Replying to

I have the 7970X I'm faster abit in Ocean and Grains but you beat me in Pyro

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