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Wake on lan ( wol/wowl )

Lately I had to work on my station remotely so the idea of shutting down your pc to make it rest and save some power became so crucial for me, it wasnt the easy things to do, so I thought of documenting it for me and for other artists out there who like me are not that nerds when it come to networking. Let's get started:

- First of all I'm using windows 10 and I'm using the built in wireless adapter "asus rog x299-e" to wake my device up, some article on the web stated that wake on wireless lan is not possible, so I'm not sure if my case is an exception.

If you are on a wired lan you have no problem and if you are wireless it's worth trying, and it's a good idea to update your drivers before doing so.

- In Control panel > Power options > Choose what the power buttons do > un check "Turn on fast startup".

- In Device Manager > double click your network adapter > go to Power Management tab> check "Allow this device to wake the computer".

-Hit Win + R on your keyboard and run "optionalfeatures.exe" slide down and check "Simple TCPIP Services", I have to say this step is what makes it work, I went through many articles and non mentioned any thing about it.

- Now BIOS turn, each MB has a different layout so what you have do is:

- Turn off fast start up

- In power management section turn on Wake On Lan, or in some cases they call it " Power On by PCIE "

- Setting up your Router:

1- setting up dynamic dns: as you know internet service provider gives you a random IP "your address online" and this address changes from time to time, so in able to reach it it needs to be static and that's what dynamic dns services does.

In my case I used noip and created an address "e.g", next you need to go into your router "DDNS Configuration" and add those details your created as in the picture below, this way your router will communicate with Noip and provide it to with it's current ip, so when you go to Noip will direct you to your router ip address.

2- Setting up port forwarding:

So now you have a static ip for your router, then what. You need now to define a port in your router, imagine it as electricity, you send the electricity to your router and your router will send it to your PC through a port "this port is predefined in all windows devices to be 7 or 9" then your network adapter will recognize that signal as a wake up call and turn on your device.

As you can see in the picture below I set a port between my device and the router.

Now all you need to do is install an app on your phone and add your pc (Ddns address and your network adapter Mac) and you are good to go.


- Pay attention that I have my firewall disabled, if yours was enabled then you have to open port 9 in your firewall.

- According to Microsoft: your system should be in Hibernate or sleep mode not a complete shutdown, you can check the article here...

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