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The Defenders Teaser

I introduce to you The Defenders teaser. It is a personal project I'm working on with my friend Alaa Afifah for his animation course.

I was mainly responsible for the VFX part (destruction & fumefx), It was a challenging and fun to work on project, the quality of animation is really great which urged me to push the vfx to higher level to match that quality.

I'm gonna talk abit about the procedure. The scene was done totally in Maya and exported to 3ds max to do the VFX, we used Alembic format which works just fantastic. 3ds Max is reading from the Alembic cached file so the scene is really light and the playback is fast so you only concentrate on your vfx element, I didn't face any problem with Cebas TP and Fumefx dealing with the imported objects. of course some meshes needs to be cleaned a bit before being destroyed but overall everything went smooth.

I thank my friend Alaa (we have the same name ;) ) for this opportunity and for his patients.

Alaa Afifah:


Alaa Alnahlawi

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