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Shark Leaping Out the Water (Houdini)

I did some upgrades on the old setup...

And they are as follow:


- Solve Pressure with adaptivity was enabled

- I increased the particle separation from .008 to 0.01 and added some more surface over sampling so the particle count would stay the same but I gained some amazing sim time, went down from 9h to only 3h and 20m.


- As for ww also sim time went down from 2h to 50m, I assume the fast rtx 3090 was behind that boost. Another thing you in the old version you will notice some weird and unnatural behavior, ww was sticking to flip points in the splashes up there and created some cone like shapes, and the reason behind that was the Adhesion part in the Foam simulation tab, well I kept it enabled but I masked it by Y position, so the foam will stick on Flip surface but will stay free in the splashes.


- Pyro didn't change much, I used the sop level solver with opencl enabled.


- Meshing part saw some improvements, I added a sop displacement using Ocean Evaluate and Ocean Spectrum for both the flip and ww, masked by Y position.

- And since I used Surface oversampling in the flip I had manually tweak the particle separation and scale size in the Particle Fluid Surface.

- I enabled sss for WW (Raytraced was forced) it will give an amazing results.


Container size: (12-5.8-12)

Particle separation : 0.01

Surface oversampling: 3

Particle count: 25m

Narrow Band : 3

substeps: 2

Sim time: 3h 20m


Container size: (12-5.8-12)

Particle separation : 0.009 (when I matched the res with flip to be 0.008 it crashed, it's an opencl thing I guess)

Particle count: a max of 7m

substeps: 2

Sim time: 50m

Cache data size: 18GB


Particle separation : 0.015

substeps: 1

Opencl: enabled

Sim time: 25m


Redshift 10h including meshing, 2 x RTX 2080 & RTX 3090


-Animation and shark model by Carlos Parmentier

-Cpu i9-7940X @4Ghz

-Ram: 128GB

-SSD or Nvme is highly advisable.

-More than 8GB gpu is needed, when solving ww I hit the 8GB limit, I was using RTX 3090.

-Cache option was turned off for both flip and ww.

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