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Shark attack Houdini flip simulation (wip)


Container size: (12-5.8-12)

Particle separation : 0.008

Particle count: 25m

Narrow Band : 3

substeps: 2

Sim time: 9h or 3.6m per frame

Cache data size: 68GB

RAM: around 60GB


Container size: (12-5.8-12)

Particle separation : 0.009 (when I matched the res with flip to be 0.008 it crashed, it's an opencl thing I guess)

Particle count: a max of 7m

substeps: 2

Sim time: 2h or 0.8m per frame

Cache data size: 18GB

RAM: Exceeded 128GB and cached memory reached 75GB


Container size: (6-3-7)

Particle separation : 0.015

substeps: 2

Sim time: 17h or 0.1m per frame

Cache data size: 5GB


-Animation and shark model by Carlos Parmentier

-Cpu i9-7940X @4Ghz

-Ram: 128GB

-SSD or Nvme is a must have.

-More than 8GB gpu is needed, when solving ww I hit the 8GB limit.

-Cache option was turned off for both flip and ww.

-Beauty render with water, displacement and nice reflections is planned.


Alaa Alnahlawi

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