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MBC1 Ramadan 2020 TV spots (Fananees)

I was tasked with creating the water simulation inside the washing machine in the first spot, I used Houdini to do so and the challenges I faced are: - Preserving the flip volume specially with such fast moving objects (rotating container / character), I had to increase the substeps to 3. - I had to deliver the (water/foam) as a final rendered element, but the back plate I got had some distortion because of the door glass so I had to mimic that and use the same object, luckily Redshift is able to export Puzzle matte aov through reflection and refraction which saved my day. - The second to last shot when the washing machine's door opens and the water pour controlling the water was a bit hard to control and it spread all over the place so I built a boundary and used the distance attribute to control to flip drag so the water will pure on the ground quickly and when it reaches a certain point it'll slow down. Supervisor: Aws Alsharqi Production house: Yara Media

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