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Houdini Spawn by distance

If you've used 3ds max PFlow then you are familiar with this important feature, a self explanatory title it helps you create trail of particles with a fixed predefined distance. This feature is also present in Cebas Thinking particle as (TrailBorn).

I added a couple of features and parameters for you to control: - Distance. - Inherit Velocity. - Life. - Id (a hidden one but will help you sort trails by their parent), I color coded them in the video. - Trail Group, so you can isolate them later.

The possibilities are endless since I used a vex code, I tried it with different scenarios and it survived. Sometimes it misses a step or two not sure why and I couldn't replicate this problem, also some fast moving parents requires you to up the dop substeps in this video I set it to 5, the system will take this into consideration so don't worry no need to modify the code.

This technique relies on the seeds (parent particles) to have a velocity attribute so it can calculate the path right, sometimes when you add a drag force the results will be affected abit.


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