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Houdini Plexus

Well like me you might have came across multiple tutorials explaining how to create such effect like the entagma one or another great one by Danil Krivoruchko: both are great but one might ask why not use the built in houdini Connect Adjacent Pieces isn't it just the same well I'm not a pro but for me it gives the same result and with the ability to the max point num that are allowed to connect in addition this beautiful node export the connection lengths as an attribute and gives a clean result without overlapping primitives. So I used it and extended the setup more to allow the artist to add gravity,color and scale and all is linked with the connection length so the longer it gets the more gravity it has. And yet it's so responsive I tried to make it adabt to most of scale situations but sometimes you might need to dig inside the vops and start tweeking, have fun ;)

The tool can be found in the assets page:

Regards Alaa Al Nahlawi

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