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Houdini mask pyro forces by speed and distance

Adding more details to your smoke sometimes can be tricky and a straight forward Turbulence is not the answer, so in an attempt to bring this to the next level I started looking for ways to mask gas (Turbulence, Confinement, Disturb) to a certain areas based on speed and distance as you can see in the video, and while it's not a Hollywood level but it's a step on the right direction.

As you can see I managed to measure speed and distance and apply Turbulence accordingly to the desired areas instead of getting a chaotic result.

Once you mastered the technique the sky is the limit, it's very similar to when working with a mesh, Create an attribute > fill it with data (Ex measure distance) > plug this attribute in a "mountain sop" let's say, but instead we will use Gas Dops.


Kindest Regards

Alaa Al Nahlawi

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