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Houdini (instancing,proxy,redshift rs....)

The most ultimate guide to redshift proxy, instancing, timeshifting rs sequence, not sure if I covered everything but what happened is that last year I faced a lot of scenarios

and every time I need to work with instancing and proxies I have to google it and you will find alot of tutorials and post, so what I did is that I collected all of them in one file, and made sure they are up to date.

What you will find inside is:

- instancing using objects in the same hip file (single/multiple).

- instancing using "popinstance" inside a pop dop.

- instancing an rs proxy file on the disk using two methods (vex / the newly introduced PackedProxy sop).

- instancing a native bgeo file on the disk.

- instancing an rs proxy sequence on the disk also using two methods (vex / the newly introduced PackedProxy sop), but here I spiced things up and added the ability to randomly offset their time.

- added some findings that will help overriding the redshift proxy materials.


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