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Houdini Fireworks custom shape

Skip to the 20s to see the tool in action and how does it function, it was based on the previous fireworks tool but with custom explosion shapes, so you will expect the same features but with some more:

- Add as much shapes as you want, I included 4 and if you wannna add more you need to have some knowledge to modify the popnet.

- If you shape already has colors then it will use those and wont randomize.

- Explosion can have two looks one that looks spherical and the other with no distortion, can be seen on 02:05.

- The explosion shape should be modeled around the origin and the pop system will translate it for you.

- In terms of orientations there are two, one which is random and the other will take the direction of the firework rocket at the moment of explosion 01:00.

- Explosion scale 00:50.

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