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Glowy lake (Houdini)

I was amazed by this bioluminescent phenomena in Australia so I tried to mimic it in Houdini, nothing complex it's just a:

- flip simulation.

- velocity triggered particles.

- transfer flip v to the created particles.

- Making sure no particle escape the water surface (sth like WW but it didn't work for this effect so I created a pop system instead).

- Shading and look development took the most time here, it went through a couple of tweaks and render tests to get the right scale, glitter randomness and density.

Also I transferred the particles color to the water so it will give a nice Fresnel glow effect near the particles.


- rendered with redshift.

- Houdini 19.5 since I used sop based flip sim, it's easier to work it this way.


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