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Outline Creator 1.0:

This tool will help you visualize distance between two points, it's very handy for people working in architecture and interior design. It's not a pure script only Text and tape stretching reflects the distance through a float script controller.


Direct Download

ScriptSpot Page

How to use:

-Make sure your display units matches your system one because this tool gives the distance in system units so don't get confused and just check it in Customize menu>Units setup.

-Merge it in your scene.

And as in the picture below you only have to move the right and left handles (dummies), and the middle controller is for rotating and scaling the number and the arrows. And be careful if you applied extrude to the text it won't update the distance for some reason, so in this case after the tape is placed as a final touch you can apply extrude.



The tool can detect system units now, and the codes are as follow:

Inches: "In"

Feet: "f"

Miles: "m"

Millimeters: "m"

Centimeters: "cm"

Meters: "m"

Kilometers: "k"



See it in action:

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