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Bostani Making of:

A small break down of a Chocolate commercial directed by Abulrahman Alnahlawi for Bostani chocolate factory in Saudi Arabia, my task was to design the final transition showing the final logo of the company. The overall process goes as follow: 

- Tracking in Nuke and creating a point cloud which will be used to create the chocolate basket mesh.

- exporting tracking data and the basket mesh to 3ds max, her we build the graphic elements (Particles, logo, flowing lines)

- Render each of the elements then move back to nuke to do the final comp.

I frist used a Camera tracker to get the scene camera. It was fairly easy since the camera was moving a linear movement. Then I used the solved camera to generate the point cloud and the mesh.

Here is the point cloud and the camera and as you can see it's pretty detailed I was happy with result.

The generated mesh I used it to create a low res version that the particles will emit from. I just love working with Alembic format, it made our life much easier.

I wanted the particles to be generated from the golden part of the vase, this was easy I used Position Object (selected faces) but the tricky part was to make those particles split and leave the middle of the screen a bit empty. Here I created a hidden cylinder and populate the surface with particles, then I applied a Keep Apart operator on the golden particles and made them avoid the cylender partilces. This approach created a smooth split transition since I can control the range and the falloff.

The Material part is not that complex, I used three variant materials to cover the particles. The material in addition to the random rotation and scale gave the desired look.

Here you can see the particles with the lines, I used simple cylinders with path follow to create the lines.

I rendered each element separately (particles, logo, lines) using vray I also applied a depth of field with animated Target distance.

Before applying the elements I had to mask the right handle of the vase since it doesnt match the brown background and it has an odd shape. I used a roto and linked it with a tracker.

Vignetting and motion blur were added to the mix to give this final look.

I really enjoyed writting this breakdown, I'm looking forwards for your feedback and questions.



Alaa Alnahlawi. ^_^

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