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Houdini Recursive Fracturing (Particle solver Stage 02)

As I promised stage 2 is here and I'm confident it contains everything you need to create an amazing Recursive Fracturing, well don't judge by my result I'm sure you can do better ;)

Tool's feature:

- Multi stage voronoi fracture system.

- Uses particle solver for speed sake so no collision between parts (might create it in a separate tool if you like).

- Activation is based on the following conditions:

- Age: range or specific.

- Size, a threshold were particles below it wont fracture.

- Percent, so some will stay without breaking down.

- UV for newly generated pieces.

- Spin and scale down over time.

- Debris and dump particles.

- Colored smoke, using H17 new feature.

- I exposed some useful attributes like (age in each fracture tire, fracture tire number "how many times has the particle been exposed to fracturing",......)

- Has two materials (inside and outer layer concrete).

- Redshift material and render settings.


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