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Houdini Cloud Lighting Baker (Redshift version)

Build on top of the original light baker here...

In short it bakes the light calculation to the volume, something similar to bake texture on a mesh, so there will be no need to recalculate light rays penetrating the volume each frame of the rendered animation which saves huge time.

As you might've guessed baking means no shadow interaction with other object in your scene, so you should know where to use it.

Change log: - Well it's build to work with Redshift, the delay was due to the lack of colored volume grid support but as of v 2.6.25 it's supported. It's blazing fast and stable as you can see. - I've been asked to add a shadow caster support, and I got you covered, while it's not the fastest thing to compute but in some cases it will save alot of time specially if your object is static. - Also I used here the SOP level packed primitives instancing support by Redshift v2.6.27, it's a savior so no need to add that object level instancing thing. - Some optimization when creating the vec3 color grid. - It feels snappier in H17 compared to H16.5. Note:  - The speed of the video is x2 so you dont fall asleep. - I used 1070 and 1080 to render. - cooking time before rendering was cropped just a couple of seconds until everything is loaded to the gpus.

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